How can a big & tall guy get a date?

So guys I'm larger than average at 6'4 and 240lbs I like to think that I'm no fat slob since I play basketball and go running but there is no denying that I am / and look overweight.

So my question is, where can I get a date since I'm really eager to date because at 23 I have never been on a date.

Btw I have hired a trainer to lose weight but that's no quick fix.

Now I know I have no shot with the hit girls at university but even the heavier gals have no trouble getting good looking bfs so I'm the odd one out.

I guess I'm just desperate maybe you could give me a few hints where to get to know some girls even just as friends.


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  • Aw I just want to give you a hug lol.

    You're tall and that's a plus. I mean, I personally really like super tall guys. My boyfriend is 6'5/6'6 so yeah.

    It just sounds like your confidence may not be all that high. I don't know how to help you be confident but girls are attracted to confident guys.

    You're not horribly horribly overweight. A lot of girls can overlook that - especially with the whole you're giantly tall being factored in there :)

    I'd be wiling to bet if you got your confidence up and said hi to a few girls and got the conversation beyond exchanging formalities you'd have lots of dates.

    Play up your personality while you're working on your fitness. Then don't stop with the personality when you reach your fitness goal. You'll have girls lining up down the street lol.


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  • Really, a tall guy at 23 no date? Get some acqua di gio cologne, work on your biceps and ignore the girls you really like. It drives a woman insane, be confident, and look for a tall girl please.

    • No it's true. I'm a bit shy and girls never give me any signals to approach them so I don't

  • My nephew is 6'6" got to be 275 may be more he had no shortage of dates in high school and university. Right now he's engage to a very nice girl going to marry in the next year from what I hear.


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  • Buddy, you're not overweight. I'm 6'3" and roughly have 20 lbs on you and 36 pants are loose on me. I'm pretty sure you're about the same, you can hide your weight really well.

    You need "CONFIDENCE". Walk around like you have it no matter where you are and assert yourself as a nice gentle giant that is powerful Striking up conversations with random people and getting backstory on them is really good for talking to strangers and learning how to Segway conversations.

    Youre putting women up on a unreachable pedestal before you event talk to them and learn their personality. I guarantee if you have the confidence to talk to them as a gentleman and want to take them out, then all the "hit girls" would go out with you on a date.

    Coming from a guy who has 2 younger very pretty sisters, Confidence is a massive turn on for women.

    • I don't know about you but at 6'4 and 240lbs (108 kilos) I am overweight and it clearly shows so I don't know how you do it but I can't hide it

    • what do you wear man. Like measurements for jeans and shirt. You can't be that far off from me. I workout a lot though and do circuit training and cardio. Most people say I don't look over 220 lbs usually.

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