Online dating fallout.... Help.

So I had been talking to this guy casually for about three weeks, and he was moving to my city in another two. I got a message from another guy that really intrigued me, so we went out that night and got on amazingly and went out the next night. I didn't except it at all but we both wanted to see where it went.

So obviously I told guy one that I met someone and we could only be friends, he was happy for me but we didn't talk as much. I told guy 2 the guy I am seeing the whole thing and he understands we are just friendly, I still haven't even met guy one even though he is in my city now.

Last night I was texting guy 1, we were goofing off and I sent a funny ecard that said "I love you, but you'll never be Jeff Goldblum" I thought it was funny, but his reply was "I love you too"

Which I brushed off and changed the subject quick. But hours later when we were going to bed as he said good night he said "sleep tight, love you"

I only said "sweet dreams"

Does it seem like he actually loves me?


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  • sounds like it

    • But we've never met and only been talking two months. Why would he tell me if he knows I'm with someone else

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    • So you don't think we can be friends?

    • mmm. well it depends. he may really see it as a potential romantic relationship. I think you have to talk to him about it. It's possible to be just friends but lots of people aren't capable of platonic relationships with the opposite sex

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  • yeah seems like he does love you.. if you still want to stay in the friend zone you can always reply with the "i love ya too friend" or something

  • yes, it does seem that way, he said it twice. If you love him I would say it back :)

    • But we have never even met and he knows I'm dating someone else. We are only talking under the silent agreement of just friends. Anytime he gets insppropriate I ignore it or change the subject.

    • oh OK sorry about that, I guess I didn't read that part.Then I would ignore it and treat him like a friend

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