Is he still in love with me?

My ex contacted me recently saying he loved me and wanted to be with me. After a great week or so of flirty texts and snapchats he became distant.

He said it was because his other ex was abusing him over technology and was making him angry. He was still great sending x's and nice messages occasionally.

After this was over he became even more distant. He sent a heart as a reply once and wrote lyrics to our song as his FB status, but apart from that mostly my snapchats and texts get ignored.

I rang him 2 days ago and we seemed to get along fairly well, he said he would message me but never did.

He has never been a big communicator so I wonder if he is just waiting till we are back at uni. I will be in his town in 2 weeks for a few days. I don't understand how he could possibly fall out of love in a few weeks. Help!?


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  • I don't think he fell out of love, maybe he's just been busy

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