Do you ever realize how attached you are to someone until you go without talking to them for a bit?

I've been talking to that person for a very long time now. I would say we are very good friends.

But now we're not talking anymore.

It was because we argued over something and yeah...

That person hasn't texted me since. And I kinda don't have the guts to send a message because I don't know if we are still friends or not.


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  • Just send a text saying Hi as they may be feeling the same way, don't send anything heavy as they get defensive. If you get a reply then you can progress from there. if they don't as much as it hurts you have your answer and you can mive on. Good luck

  • Wat was the argument over? How long has it been?

    • Actually the argument was not really important, it was about the problems with friends and school and so on, but it seems like we both had a bad day.

      It has been more than a week since.

    • Just text "hey"