How would you handle this situation? I'm not a bad person,right?

I was talking to this guy on the phone and he suddenly hung up. He said he ran out of minutes. I text him a week later asking if he wants to talk and he takes 2 hours to respond. He said he does but he has no minutes until next week. He then proceeds to ask me, "what are you wearing?"

Also he never initiates the conversation. The last actual conversation we had was in Christmas. Other than that, it's always me texting him once a week and he responds one time and then he just stops. I'm serious. (And I actually thought he was just busy or needed space. Deadass)

Now that I look back at it, I realize how silly I was that I didn't see he was obviously not into me. Please don't judge me. I am just a lonely girl.

I texted him last Sunday. He did not respond. I finally got the hint.

All of a sudden, he texts me yesterday, "Did you forget about me?"

The thing is, I think I'm too nice for my own good. I feel bad that I'm not responding. But I did text him, "Good luck. Take care of yourself." on Sunday. I tried to gracefully just disappear from his life.

Why does he even bother texting me at this point? He wants me gone, doesn't he?

I'm not in the wrong if I don't respond, right? I don't know why I care about other people feelings so much when he obviously doesn't give a shit about me lol


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  • "what are you wearing?" that alone is a red flag that he doesn't want a romantic relationship; I think he's trying the push-pull technique; making you miss him so you'll think about him so he'll get what he wants easier.

    It's not at all wrong for you to not respond to him


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  • This behaviour is quite nonsensical. Just stop answering if he contacts you again.

    • awesome. thank you. I just needed confirmation that I'm not doing any wrong by not responding! I care way too much about other peoples feeling lol

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  • Go change his name in your contacts to : do not reply! what a jerk!

  • Hes a jerk off he just is shocked you stopped giving him attention and it hurts his ego so he wants to see that you still care and will take him back. Just ignore him from now on.

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