What would you do if you were told you didn't have to write if you didn't really want to?

By someone you might not know so well?

I've said something like that to a guy who I was texting with more or less everyday. There were times his texts made me feel like he thought I was really boring but he kept writing, so I just told him that actually in a form of a question. Guess he was upset or maybe just did exactly what I said since he never wrote back again, lol.

What would have you done if it were you? Do you think it's something stupid/ too obvious/ too blunt to say?


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  • I think what you said is OKAY if someonw asked me this I would think she care and I would not ignore her . Mayby he doesn't want to talk to you or he is extremely sensitive and was trying to takj to you and don't let yoy feel bored abd and by saying wht you said he thought he is such a loser

    • Indeed I would have just ignored it and not said anything if I didn't care. Also as we're not teenagers anymore, I thought we could openly just acknowledge things and go from there, either way. But guess he doesn't wanna talk to me anymore.


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  • I would think the other person had self esteem issues. I have said something like that to guys or even new female friends I am making when I'm not sure if they actually want to talk to me, so I'm giving them an out. But it's more of an issue with my self-esteem than with them... Some people are just bad at texting and will make you feel boring. But as long as you can chat OK in person then I wouldn't worry too much about the texting.

    • I realize you're right, the issue is with me as well. And tbh I probably wouldn't care as much if it were someone else, but it bothered me he was making me feel that way and it was starting to be a chore having to reply, so I tried to talk it out. He's living far away, so no chance to meet up soon.

      Anyway, he never replied back... hope the people you said the same thing to were more understanding. Or liked you more =)