Did something go wrong? My mistake? Just over thinking? (Please read it all, Thanks a lot)

So I’ve been talking to this girl on and off for 4 month now, we go to the same school also… Anyway

We went on our first date Yesterday, we went to see a movie and then we walked around for a bit and just talked the date seemed like it went well. She seemed like she enjoyed it but I don't know for sure.

So the night before the date we were texting and I didn't reply to her real quick so she texted me again and said, "Hey text me in the morning” so the next day I texted her around 12, the date was at 1:30, and we texted for a bit everything was normal. The date ended around 4 and around 6 I texted her and all seemed normal at first but a few text's in I could tell something was up and I asked her, and she was like “Yea… but it has nothing to deal with you… I’ll text you tomorrow" I asked if she wanted to talk about it and she said not really, I told her if she did I was there for her, and she said thanks, then I said alright, I’ll let you go feel better and go get some sleep and she said thanks…

Well I haven't gotten a text from her at all today and we usually text everyday and now I'm just wandering if something is up with me or what’s going on.

Am I over thinking or what do you think of this?


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  • I will tell you something, some girls like to get quick and clear answers from guys whom they are talking to, but if you answer her too late even few minutes some straight away think your not interested. Or if the guy is not straight forward with his answers they tend to think the guy is weird. In your case it could be this or she maybe she is just having some other issues and your just being paranoid lool. Just wait and see what happens. But I think you showed her less interest by texting her late a lot.

    • Noo, I didn't respond with in like 5 minutes, nothing crazy... We text everyday and typically we responded to each other either immediately or within like 3 minutes... Unless one of us is doing something else at the same time...

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    • Well I am not the type who dates different guys I'd rather just stick to one, I am more of a long term relationship girl always have been. So I am just careful about who I talk to. I always had boys as best friends though from a young age so I know exactly what goes through guys minds because they tell me everything.

    • Oh its 3am here in Germany I have to get ssome sleep because I have to wake 10am tomorrow, goodnight it was nice talking to you and remember meet the girl and ask her if everything is ok... better asking her face to face then text. :)) night night! gute nacht!

  • You could just be thinking too much into it she may just be busy. But I would wait for her to text you so you don't seem pushy or too eager


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