Everything was fine till the date, over thinking or coincidence? I'm paranoid...

This is a'lil long but please read, I'm really worrying about this.

So I've been talking to this girl on and off for a few month and recently it's been getting more serious and we've talked about dating. So yesterday we went on our first date and I met her dad and all seemed fine she seemed to have fun.

I texted her later that night and she said her dad said he likes me... and all was normal but a few text later I knew something was up and I asked if something was wrong, she said "Yea, it has nothing to deal with you though... I'll text you tomorrow" I asked if she wanted to talk about it and she said "Not really... But thanks" so I just said, Feel better and go get some sleep.

Well she didn't text me at all today, like she said she would, and usually we text everyday, and I don't know what to think. Please, someone tell me what you think of this.


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  • Maybe something came up or her dad had a change of heart about it. Just wait a while, don't give up yet.


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  • Don't think too much into it, it seems like she cares because her dad even met you! I would never introduce my dad to a guy on the first date unless I saw it going somewhere. Just give her some space and try tomorrow :)

    • I did try tomorrow, I texted her. All her replies were short and to the point, She didn't really keep up the conversation. Usually when we're both trying we can keep up a good conversation for 4-5 hours.

  • I don't think she would have said that it had nothing to do with you if it really did. Something may have happened while she was texting you, (fighting at her house, someone became sick, random stuff like that). Maybe she even just started thinking about something that made her sad?

    It's definitely a good sign if her dad likes you, though. Not many fathers straight up tell their daughters that they like the guys they bring home for the first time!


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