"Ex" says they have been thinking about me?

So we kinda dated, that whole thing in high school where you put <3 and their initials in your AOL profile. But it was never official. It's been years and we have ran into each other sporadically and have even gotten dinner once. Haven't spoken in almost a year and last time we did he had kissed me the night before and did not keep in touch. Now he texted me today and said that he was thinking about me. Not sure what he is trying to do. Even if you are thinking about someone it doesn't mean you have to message them every moment. What is he up to?


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  • Sounds like he was either looking for a quick hook up or wanted to catch up with you.

    • The second is more likely being we never hooked up before, and a kiss was the farthest place we went.

  • sounds like he wants to hook up

    • Never hooked up before so this is an unlikely idea. Most that ever happened was a single kiss.

    • yeah I wouldn't go for it...

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