Could she be angry or jealous over something?

There's this girl I've been flirting with for sometime - I have strong feelings for her and I suspect she has feelings for me, though neither of us has ever said anything to the other about this. Lately though, she has become slightly snappy, cold and distant with me (it was very sudden, without any obvious trigger). She snaps over very minor staff and my usual text messages are not replied to these days. She hasn't said anything to me to indicate if she is angry or pissed over something. What could be happening here? Could she be secretly angry with me over something I'm not aware of? Yesterday I texted to ask how she was doing and two days later, still no reply!


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  • Maybe you've made her feel like you don't like her back/are leading her on. I suggest you try to address it directly and ask what's wrong.

    • i suspect exactly the same thing too. Some new young female staff members have just joined the department (and one or two of them are quite pretty and I have a bad suspicion that she thinks I have stopped being fond of her, and that's absolutely not true. I'm desperately in love with her although I have never said this to her.

    • You'll need to make a move of some kind depending on how brave you are since the usual isn't working.

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