Enjoyed the first date now I think he may be a player?

My friend's brother has been trying to hit on me lately and I knew he had a girlfriend so I have been brushing him off. My friend told me that he's trying to get away because he's tired of her. He wants to take me on a date and I have repeatedly told him that if he's taken I'm not entertaining him. He said that they still talk on the phone sometime but that he's single so I agreed to meet him. We went for drinks and I'm starting to actually like him. The thing is.. The night before we met for drinks I saw on FBI that him and his "ex" were at the bar. Now the time they were at the bar is the time if called him and he told me he was sleep. Now I'm mad. Should I confront on him on this? He keeps saying how he wants to go out of town and take me on dates and now I'm feeling like he's trying to be a player. I also feel like he likes going on outings and I'm more content staying in so it seems like she's a better fit for him because they are always doing stuff together. Although I'm Better looking.


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  • You think he *might* be a player? No need to second guess it…he IS a player. He's interested in dating around, but not enough to be a man and break up with his girlfriend. Sounds like a huge ass douche bag to me.

  • Just enjoy it for now And don't think too much

    • But what about him trying to be a player? Do I not think about the gf?