Would you ever take a girl seriously that you had sex with on the first date?

I met this guy on OkCupid and we spoke for about a month and got to know each other. Then, we finally decided to meet up last night and we hit it off REALLY amazingly. Like, we felt so comfortable around each other and we ended up having sex because the chemistry was so strong. Anyways, he has been very attentive since then, said he is really interested in seeing me more often, we took some pics together, and he even mentioned that he wanted to take me on vaca with him. Do you think he would take me 100% seriously even though we slept with each other on the first date?

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  • Why would I not take a girl seriously that had sex with me on a first date? I like sex and I like girls.


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  • If a girl slept with me on the first date, I would question how much I she could be trusted in a relationship. If all it takes is some chemistry to get into your pants, then any rational guy would have concerns. You are going to have chemistry with a lot of men in your life, not with just this one.

  • Sure, girls are 'only' human, they too have physical needs .

    • Love you! Love you! Love you! You are a rare breed of guy. So did you sleep the night you met your current LT girlfriend?

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    • No, my wife wanted to wait (she was a virgin) without fixing a term. It turned out we waited 6 months.

      I had ONS before, I had sexless relationships too before.

    • they are humans but better humans than males , since girls have options with males and we dont

  • I wouldn't judge her harshly but some other guys would...it really is a 50/50 split amongst the male gender with this topic.

  • Yes, I don't read anything into a girl that's willing to have sex on the first date.


What Girls Said 3

  • It depends on the guy if they just want to hook up and have a fling then yes but if they are looking for a serious relationship I doubt it.

  • Depends on the guy

  • I have friends who have slept with their serious boyfriends or hubbys on the first date. It's not recommended, but sometimes nature takes it's course.

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