How serious do you have to be to consider someone an ex? each option adds to the last so D is all of the above

would you consider the following people to be an ex?

1. someone you hooked up with or went on a date with once?

2. someone you hooked up with multiple times or went on multiple dates with?

3. someone you were exclusive with in some way?

4. someone you were "official" with?

  • Only if you were officially in a relationship
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  • Someone you were AT LEAST exclusive with in some way
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  • Someone you AT LEAST went on multiple dates with or hooked up with multiple times
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  • Someone you AT LEAST hooked up with once or went on a date with
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I said C. I have many exes that were FWBs. Ex = former = the past. So I went on multiple dates with my FWBs plenty of times. Haven't always slept with all of them but the dates for the most part is what would make me consider them an ex, especially if I developed feelings for them. Most FWBs turn into complicated relationships. Not always official but you call yourself boyfriend and girlfriend so I guess it's official but there may never really be a title. Still you spent a lot of time and energy together in the past so that would make that person an ex. If it's a one night stand or one time hookup, then no. They're not an ex. But multiple hookups and dates and it becomes quite serious, then yes, an ex.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Normally I think of an ex as short for an ex girlfriend so I think we would have to be official.

  • Definitely had to be exclusive at the most. I don't think you could sleep with or go on a date with a girl once, not see her anymore and call her your ex.


What Girls Said 1

  • #2 and above feel like an ex to me... actually it's more awkward with #2 than #3/4 because you really never know where you stood or if you count as broken up or what...

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