Talk About Awkward.. Kinda

Online dating awkwardness I was trying to avoid, happened. A month ago, I messaged a girl on a dating website. Didn't get a response (shocker! :p). Moved on like usual. A month later (this past week), the same girl and I are in the same class at the local community college of about 20k. What are the odds right?

Now, I didn't realize it was her until I randomly decided to check on the website and I noticed a familiar face. And it was her. I'm sure you can imagine what went through my head.

Now I'm not too sure if she read the message because I don't have the premium feature for the site (POF by the way). Plus, I don't think she has been on since I sent the message because there's no 'Online in the last 30 days' thing next to her name/details.

Now, I'm curious how I should.. approach this. We actually sit next to each other in class. What attracted me to her profile in the first place was the fact that she is deaf and I'm partially deaf myself so that is the biggest thing we had in common. We also have other things in common.

Should I just pretend like I haven't seen her profile and assume she never got the message? I honestly don't think she has because I haven't sensed any hesitation or awkwardness. Or should I take this as 'sign' and get to know her and see where things go?

Bonus question: What's the most awkward thing that has happened to you when it comes to online dating?


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  • I wouldn't say to pretend that you never saw the profile- you don't want to start out a possible relationship with white lies anyways! Just introduce yourself like a normal meeting, and in a few days after getting to know one another, tell the truth. OR when you introduce her tell her you recognize her. :)

    I've never online dated, so no funny stories there :)

    • We've met and chatted a couple of times. We sit next to each other in class so we usually help each other out with in class assignments.

      How should I bring it up with her about the profile? I would hate to make things awkward especially since we'll be in the same class until May.

What Guys Said 1

  • Mention that her you saw her on that Website, and see how she responds. If she doesn't mention your message, you can always ask her if she checks her profile often; if she says no, advise her to check it soon. She'll have an idea what you mean, but it will drive her crazy with curiosity.