Setting up dates when both are parties are always busy

Asked a nice girl out for a date on the weekend, I called her that Tuesday night. She got back to me Weds, saying she had plans already and if the weather got bad she might change them. She would keep me "posted/in the loop" in the meantime. However, its Monday now and she never called/texted.

Do I leave her on the back burner and let her call/text me since she never did or should I initiate/be proactive one last time and ask her out for this coming weekend in the next couple days?


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  • Initiate one more time, and then leave her on the back burner if she doesn't respond. She may have assumed that if her plans didn't change for this weekend, then she didn't have to tell you.

    • Ahhh OK, makes more sense now thx. I still would've thought a text saying lets reschedule would've been nice, especially by the way her last text had ended with lots of exclamations and what not in it.

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