What happened to this guy?

so I met this guy at a bar. we played pool and talked for like four hours. he said he wanted my number and I said"as long as you really call me." he said that if he called me the next day, then he gets to take me out on a date next time he's in town.we kissed before he left and he texted me like an hour later saying" see I already called u." I said "well see if you remember tomorrow." he texted me the next night and we talked for a while,he said he was going to eat and would talk to me in a little. but then he never texted me back, I texted him a couple days later and he still hasn't responded. what happened? why be so reliable the next day but then stop?


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  • wow , that's pretty strange :S, I think he maybe really busy or that something happened that prevented him from replying , anyway wait for a couple more days , if he didn't reply then let it go , you haven't fallen in love yet . good luck :)