Blind date, effeminate.

So this guy was pretty effeminate. His mannerisms and his voice. I was attracted to him physically and we got along pretty well. I felt myself not wanting to touch back and stuff but I wasn't sure why.

I am highly guarded in the beginning if I don't know you.

I couldn't tell if it was just me being me or if I was confused. You can't help but think of attributing those mannerisms to a flamboyant gay. That's not to be offensive at all. It's the way society taught us to be.

I was confused on how I felt because of the mannerisms. I'm not attracted to feminine men.

I want to give him another chance because I feel like it could go somewhere. It's just how do I get over the one stupid shallow thing? I'm really not a shallow person. He has a lot of the qualities I look for but I was thrown off.

Please don't take offense to anything I've said. But, I do need some advice!


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  • You don't seem attracted to him because his feminine mannerisms turn you off...if you feel you have to FORCE yourself to date someone, it's a waste of your time and his.

  • Don't force it. If you you didn't want to touch back, think he's gay, or too femininine, and were thrown off, why bothering?

    • Because we got along well and I was attracted to him.

    • Well then go on a second date then. At worst, you'll share lipstick tips in the end ;)

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