Do YOU think I was mean to my Date via Text?

Photo Of My Text Messages: link

Just before these messages,I asked her if she would like to come out with me at the weekend and I said I wanted to show my friends how pretty a girl could be.

She didn't text back after that

Please be honest.Thank you everyone.


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  • You're not mean, but maybe a bit short in text but that can happen. I'm not always texting long messages, it could be because I'm busy, annoyed in general or annoyed at what a person said. To me it seems you were short in the message because she didn't agree immediately to meet up or of the "I'm sure they'll meet plenty of pretty girls with you". Don't worry about it, but if you do, you can text her to say you're sorry you were kinda short in texting and just say it was because you were busy. Chances are she didn't even notice it.

    • Ty for your comment...

      This is the 2nd time I asked her so it annoys me that I'm the one making the effort,She told me she had a lovely date with me,I bought her nice jewelry for her birthday,Got her drinks and dinner,Opened doors for her and I was a gentleman,However I'm the one that always has to text her first so I'm a bit upset and annoyed.

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    • CrystalMinds,You are totally right! Thank you I'll do that... :D

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