What does it mean if a girl stops initiating contact but still responds?

I've known a girl for about 6 months, and for almost all this time we were 50/50 on initiating contact- she actually may have initiated more than I. 2 weeks we ago, we had our first kiss, and since then it has been me initiating all the contact. Last week, I told her to text me or call me when she had free time, but she hasn't contacted me- although she has liked some of my Facebook pictures, including one of us together.

So, is she still interested?


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  • Maybe you should ask her if she wants to talk about the kiss? If she's still liking your pictures the friendship is still there but anything more than that, I don't know. If she was interested in you romantically she probably would have tried to make contact.. Sorry :(. Best of luck though! Maybe she just needs some time to see where things stand. :)


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