Which girl should I go for? Who would you chose? Please help because I'm confused.

At the moment I have three options.

1. My ex-girlfriend (who is in a relationship, that is going to last exactly one more week). We were together for two month, she was in a ldr at that moment, we separated when her boyfriend came to live with her. We were both very sad about this, but she had begged him to come to live with her before she met me as she is quite needy.

+ We are soul mates

+ We take care each other quite a lot, in four own way

+ She is crafty

+ She would want to spend every minute with me sharing everything

+ She loves travelling

+ She is very intimate

+ We can have deep conversations

+ She always needs to be hugged in taxis

+ We like to make long bus journeys, and she always wants me to sleep very well letting me sleep on her chest

- She can get pissed off easily

- She does not communicate that she is angry and makes me guess why she is angry

- She does at least some medium nagging

- Is constantly shit testing me, especially around other people

2. My rebound girl

I always fancied her and I knew my ex was jealous of her, so I started dating her when her boyfriend came (shame on me)

+ Is an artist

+ Is fun to go out with

+ Is affectionate in public

+ We can have deep conversations as well

- Likes to keep her distance

- Likes to act hard to get

3. A normal girl

I girl I no from my college. She went for me in the beginning but was a bit shy in the end. I have not seen her in quite a while, but today I saw her playing basketball and thought that maybe I should go for her.

+ She is positive and likes to laugh

+ She has her life under control

+ She is a fighter

+ She plays basketball

+/- I know the least about her

- She lacks life experience (she is the youngest of the three)

- Is a bit shy

- Might not be the best partner to have deep conversations

  • Ex
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  • Rebound
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  • Normal
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  • All three of them ;-)
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  • Read my post
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  • The ex. She seems perfect.


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What Girls Said 10

  • Never go for the rebound one. If you can clearly state she was just a rebound then that really just takes her out of the picture. Its sometime nice to go back to exes, but then again they were exes for a reason. Its always better to just explore and meet NEW people. Doenst mean that you need to settle with the normal girl, just give her a chance, see where it goes. If it doesn't work, fine then there lots of other people out there. You don't need to settle for anyone. And just because going back to your ex seems like it would be the easiest thing to do because you already know her, sometimes its not the best thing to do. But really its up to you, its your love life.

  • Date the rebound - though nobody is going to pick that answer because you called her a rebound - you should have called her the elusive - then people might actually pick that option.

  • Not a logical choice, one you should make without having to ask cause your heart tells you and you can't help it but only want to be with the right one.

  • Never choose your ex or you will regret for the rest of your life . Those who don't learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

  • Just stay single. Picking and choosing probably isn't the best choice because either way you are going to hurt two of them or end up hurting yourself. When someone comes along, either it be one of these girls or someone you haven't met yet, you will know and will forget about all those other girls.

  • stay single

  • Well stay single and hopefully find someone else soon. :)

  • If you can't decide on which one, I think its best that you stay single because if there was one you liked enough, you would have no trouble choosing her.

  • Date the normal girl

    Or better yet none of them

    You have no idea what you want

  • Aren't you the ladies man haha? Well my answer is none of the above..

    Whenever a girl is just an option among other options, she's not worth it.

    Keep looking!


What Guys Said 4

  • Are you kidding?! How is girl #1 even still in this?

    "We were together for two month, she was in a ldr at that moment..."

    So she was in a relationship and was cheating on the guy...

    "...we separated when her boyfriend came to live with her. We were both very sad about this, but she had begged him to come to live with her before she met me as she is quite needy."

    She wasn't sad. If she was sad (because she truly wanted to be with you, not him) wouldn't she simply tell her boyfriend that she met someone else and he didn't need to move in with her?

    Sounds like she played you both very well. She didn't want to break up with either one of you because (I'm guessing) she didn't like either one of you enough to be in an exclusive relationship.

    Anyway, I voted for #3 because "she has her life under control".

  • Don't think you should go for any of them.

    You need time and space to get over your ex first before even trying to date someone else.

  • go with ex if possible, if not then go for rebound girl.

    also depends how loyal each of them are...

  • Clearly the answer is none of them. Don't spread your mind like that. Start over and chase a completely separate girl.