Older and dating again? ugh

So I am once again in the dating scene at 40 plus years old. I do not look my age, so that in itself is a major plus. Usually I have a lot of luck with online dating. I am usually on there for a short period of time and then meet someone and end up in a relationship. This time around seems very different. I still get a fair amount of men that message me and seem interested, but first off, they are way too old for me and secondly I have met no one I have clicked with yet or that I am attracted to. Of course since my last divorce I am being more picky this time around so I don't end up with the same type of person again. Wondering if any other women out there are noticing a difference or a dry spell with online dating ? And please don't say that I am being too picky, the last thing I need is to just date anyone and get into another bad relationship. Isn't going to happen (=


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  • I use to be on various dating sites. And always found that starting in late March/beginning of April the quantity and quality of potentials picked up.

    Not only animals, but we humans start coming out of hibernation around that time. LOL!

    Just like plants. spring is a time to start anew. a new take on life. And generally people want someone to do things with in the summer. Give it a bit of time

    • LOL thanks. I will, but I am still hoping to do it face to face I like that so much better then this online stuff.

    • Yes if you can do a face to face that is so much better.

      Thank you for BA.

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  • dunno what the ladies will say but then all I can say is just have your fun while it lasts and well it will happen when it has to. I am 40 as well and on dating sites however NO luck at all. So enjoy the attention and the togetherness while you getting it.

    • As I said, no one has interested me enough to go on a date yet, so no togetherness. And I am pretty sure I am fine for years to come as far as looks and being able to "get someone" lol. I have had 3 guys try to ask me out in the last month and I do get approached by men much younger and much older so I dunno. Just can't seem to find the one that clicks and I actually want to spend time with.

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