Thank God I finally got a date today!The first time in the past 8 years that a guy has said that he liked me.

In this morning,I asked people here for advices about meeting guys.Most people said that I was not brave enough,so I got myself a date with a guy who is a friend of my classmate.We have known each other for 2 years but we have never dated.

I know that he wants to have a gf,and he finds me attractive.Today,when he drove me home,he told me that he would try harder to make me feel happy and secure,and he didn't want me to worry about our future if we are together.

I think he's really very nice,but I am not sure I want to be with him.We are very different .I like guys older and wiser than me but he's a year younger.I am going to study in France this year for one year and he's going to study in Germany for two years.Everything can change easily.Should I go out with him again?

I need advice!


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  • It's up to you, if you feel it could go further then I don't see why not... You should however tell him that you feel distance may become an issue in the future when you both study, you can then either work on a solution to that, or you will be able to accept that the relationship has an end date.

    • I don't really think distance would be a problem.I am not that kind of girl that needs to be around their boyfriend all the time.On the contrary,I think sometimes a couple needs put distance between them.What really bothers me is that I am not sure about the future.I would probably go back to China after getting my Mater's degree in France next year,but he will still study in Germany.How can I be sure that I would still be part of his life,that I am still in his future plan?

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    • Don't worry, it'll happen! Try not to worry too much, just try and enjoy dating and see what happens.

    • Guess I don't have other options.

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  • Sure, go out with him if you like his company. It's OK to just casually date someone even if there isn't a future.

    • But isn't it mean and selfish to date someone who wants a serious relationship while I don't feel sure?

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    • You are right.

      I told him that since he was still a student he'd better focus on study.

      I didn't tell him honestly that I wasn't sure whether he was the one.I am afraid that I might hurt his feelings and he might think that it is my excuse.

  • How long were you single? Eight years? And now you want to go back?


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  • Can't you just enjoy spending time as it is? Your belief about finding me right is only going to stress you out.

    you haven't even gone out on a date yet and you are already prophesing a future that isn't set in stone? You might not even get along romantically after a few dates. Enjoy the moment. Seize the day.

    • I know outsiders may think that it is unecessary to worry about something that would or wouldn't happen in the future.But what you don't know is,the situation here in China is very very different

      Girls my age would find it more and more difficult to fins the other half as we graduate from college.We don't usually party or go to clubs and bars.Our social circle is very small.For most of us,the greatest chance is our male fellows or our former classmates.

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    • You are right.I don't see myself a competitive opponent,so I will be safe.:D

    • yeah if you get a french male teacher, don't try to fall in love with him.