What would make a guy stop texting a girl?

To make a long story short, about a month ago I found an old friend from childhood on a dating site and we have been talking on there for weeks. He gave me his number last Monday and we have been texting.

We were talking about food last Saturday and he told me he didn't like a particular dessert then I asked what he did like instead. I didn't get a response then then that next day my phone was disconnected because the cycle ran out so, I didn't have service.

I refilled my service plan Sunday evening and I texted him "Hey,what's up?" and I got no response. I tried again today , which is Thursday around 5 hours ago and I still got no response.

I'm not sure if the dessert question offended him or what?

He even hinted about taking me on a date, so I don't know what happened.


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  • What would make me stop texting a girl?


    1) if she said something that completely and utterly turned me off (pretty difficult to do, but could happen),

    2) she bored me to tears,

    3) I didn't like her personality,

    4) we didn't click (i.e. she wasn't flirty enough),

    5) she made little/no attempt to ask me questions and/or text me first,

    6) she made no indication that this would progress further than texting if I wanted it to (i.e. she never gave me the green light to ask her out).

    Clearly option 5 doesn't apply to your situation and probably neither does option 1. The rest are fair game though.


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