Bad at texting? Did I move on too quickly?

I met an interesting girl a couple of months ago. I set her a Facebook message asking her to for a casual coffee date sometime. She said sure, and told me that she hates using Facebook and gave me her number. I was like, okay, she's bad at fb, so I'll text her then.

Hanging out with her was fun. I had a good time, I "think" she did too. I sent her a text day after showing my interest, telling her I had a great time, and asked her out to dinner sometime. I don't get a response for days. So I assumed she wasn't interested. A week later, she responds and apologizes for how she just forgot to respond and being a jerk. She said she had fun too and would like to do something with me in the future.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. She's been sick. I text her to see how she's been feeling. She answers a couple of texts (good length, 3-5 sentences). It wasn't like I was getting one word responses. I try to keep the conversation going by giving her decent responses and keep asking her questions. Then she just stops responding. I assume disinterest once again. I don't text her again to not seem desperate. And she hasn't initiated since then.

Just yesterday, a mutual friend (girl) told me she briefly mentioned me and talked about me when they were hanging out. It didn't seem to her like she was ignoring me.

Have I been overanalyzing and psyching myself out this whole time? Can some girls just be terrible at responding to texts/Facebook messages regardless of whether or not she likes him?

TL:DR. Girl seems like she is bad at responding to texts/Facebook messages. Have I been wrong to assume she's not interested?


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  • I'll read messages and forget about them rather frequently. Also, sometimes I just don't feel like texting or responding to messages. It's not that I don't like the person, I just don't feel like socializing all of the time. If she was sick it's entirely possible she just didn't feel like talking. It definitely doesn't mean she's not into you.

    Her talking to friends about you seems to signal interest. Just keep your cool and remember that some people are better communicators than others. If its something that will really bother you, you might want to pursue another girl.

    • I never understood "forgetting" to respond. If I texted you, and you forgot to respond as you say, wouldn't you remember the next time you thought of me, or I was brought up again in conversation? Or does the whole idea of receiving a text from me slip your mind?

    • It doesn't bother me if I know that's who she is. But we're so new to each other, so the only thing I can do is to generalize her behavior with that of other girls. We've only gone out once, talked in person twice, and texted maybe 3-4 conversations in the span of 6 weeks or so.

    • A lot of times I may look at a text while I'm doing something else and think ill get to it later when I gave time to chat. Then I might just forget for an hour or a week. I wouldn't assume she's not into you.

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  • Some people aren't texters!

    I know I'm not!

    If you want to carry on a conversation try talking to her on the phone.

    Texting is truly only meant for short messages not an entire conversation.

    • Yes. But I don't mind if people take hours to get back, or even texts me the next day. When they don't respond for a week, or never respond, it gives me a negative vibe. :(

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    • She never initiates but she usually responds. When she takes a while usually she says she missed the text and is sorry.

    • Hmmm. If someone is interested they will initiate from time to time.

      They also don't always miss your texts.

      It doesn't seem like she is too interested.

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