If you meet a local online, how long do you wait to see them in person?

Someone that you've never talked to , possibly even known that existed.

I've met a couple of guys like this, online, who lived in my town. Others lived in the town over. There was this one guy I was talking to. He wanted to meet the next day after chatting with him for the first time the night before.. There isn't anything wrong with that, but I just wasn't comfortable yet. I'm just shy. I have been talking to him for a few days now, and he keeps trying to meet up. He knows that I live by this certain park, but that's all he knows. He got a little upset because I "stood" him up, when he went there one night. I never told him that I was coming or even to meet me there. The next day, I told him that I would probably meet him, but I was still iffy about that. I was wishy-washy about it with him, and finally said that I wasn't. I just wasn't comfortable, which I kept telling him that. He said that I was playing games. So I just stopped talking to him.

Even if the person stays in the same town as me, I want to talk to him for a while, maybe a week at the most , before meeting up with them. The further away they are, the longer.


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  • why don't you just be honest with him?

    Tell him your a bit shy and not that comfortable and need some time before you meet up?

    Sometimes it's GOOD and totally OKAY to be honest.

    If I were him I'd ask you out too meet because I like you. So, therefore I would push for us to meet, since we must both sound interesting. But he can't also sit there forever and wait for you...

    I say tell him the truth about how you feel and why.

    And at some point just suck it up and meet in a public place. What's the worst that can happen? you get nervous and say something stupid? I'd bet he is as nervous as you too, but at least he is being a man and asking you out.

    • I say that I mentioned to him that I wasn't comfortable. I've also told him that I'm a shy person and new to the dating scene, so.I'm a little nervous . I keep telling him that. I didn't put. all the details why I'm uncertain of meeting him, in the details . He's not asking me out. He just wanted sex. He has talked about it and I said I wouldn't want that until I'm in a relationship . My whole thing is, I don't like for someone to pressure me to.see them, if I've only known them for 3 days.

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    • See I wasn't intending to.mentioning the other stuff because I wanted it to only be about how long to wait until you're comfortable meeting someone from online. I told you only some of the reasons I was hesitant , and to explain how I wasn't trying to lead him on. Despite me being shy, the fastest way I can warm up to someone is by talking on the phone. He would refuse to call me, or answer phone call. He would say that he bad service. I don't believe him because him and I have the same

    • Straight talk phone. I didn't notice until I was looking at his selfiesis. My service works fine. His does too, when he called me at 1ish am to convince me to meet him. I feel like he's seeing someone and I don't want any drama. He's too pushy.

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  • I avoid meeting locals online. I'm not looking to find a date. Thus I 'll not go on local message boards.

    • Not upset by your answer, but you didn't answer my question .

    • Thus the answer is: it's very possible that I'll wait an eternity.

  • I would chat for a week or so first, unless we really hit it off.


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  • it's perfectly reasonable for you to want to know the person better by talking to them first, before meeting them. it depends on your character and personality, but if a guy pressures you to do things you don't feel comfortable doing, it means he's only in for a quick and easy lay. you're young after all, take all the time you need/want to know a person. OK he 'wants' sex, but what do YOU want..?