Online dating profile of girl I knew, her response flirty or being nice?

I found a girl's profile online, a girl I went to High School with, who I would see occasionally when I'd visit my friend at college (she went to same college as my best friend) and who I've seen 2-3 times in the 3ish years since college. We were never friends or really hung out, but we knew who each other were and would talk time to time and had friends in common.

Anyway, I ran into her online dating profile and sent her a message. My message was kind of short, it was basically me saying funning running into you on here, I didn't expect to see people I knew. Then I asked how she was and what she was up to these days.

This is her response

"Well, we now know there are some normal people on here. Just started using this myself and it has been a very creepy experience. I might cancel soon. There might be a reason I have never met any of these people! Congrats on passing the bar! You have a very impressive profile! haha Not much is new..what about you?"

Does that sound flirty or like someone who is just being nice?


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  • Sorry to tell you that she's not into you. Personally,I think she was being nice.

    Do you have a crush on her?

    • That's what I was thinking

    • And kind of, I always thought she seemed like a pretty cool person, just never really pursued it any.

    • If you really like her,go for it! Maybe it's not that she was not interested in you, but that she knew nothing about you.

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  • There is nothing flirty about it. You guys recognize each other. But I do feel she thinks you are a pleasant surprise to be on there and messaging her. She is keeping the conversation going so that is a good thing. You should definitely continue it and see where it goes.


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