Do women really have any control over whether or not they get the guy?

I'm not talking about once you're in a relationship. I'm talking about, when "boy meets girl," other than being super hot or totally his type, does a woman really have the opportunity to make a man see you as a romantic partner if he doesn't from the very start. And if he intitially sees you as a possible conquest and nothing more, whether or not you give him reason to believe so, is there ever an opportunity to make him see you as relationship material?

Married guys, in all honesty, do you think your wife just happened to come along at the right time, when you were just tired of it all? Or is there something that made her truly special?

Can men grow attraction like woman can? Or is it so initially about sex that she has no control?


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  • Women have more control over it than men do, but most just don't take advantage of that power. Women who assume the typical passive role, just waiting for a man to take notice, have little control.

    When we met, my wife actively showed interest in me, which played a big role in us getting together. I probably would never have noticed her if she hadn't. As a guy I can tell you that most of us really have no clue how to interpret the behavior of most women.

    • would you try to interpret a womans behavior f she asked you out or would you just take it at face value and say yes if you like her?

    • If a woman asked me out, there would be nothing to interpret, would there tooloose? That's was the point.

      It must be exhausting to always take such great offense, as you do, at any suggestion that men and women behave differently. I don't see the point of such self-indicted pain.

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  • If guys have any control on whether they get the girl, then the same thing applies the other way around!

  • How charming and persistent is she? Is the guy remotely attracted to her - personality or looks? If at no point he likes either of those, you're an invisible woman.


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  • ask the guy out and wait a few months to have sex. that gives you guys time to get to know each other. if he's not interested then he's not interested in you and or just wants sex.

    just deal with people straightforwardly. they can only pretend for so long when you're being clear.

    things only become confusing if TWO people are playing games, or lying. when its only one of you its quite obvious before too long.

    • There's a catch to that.

      If you've got a solid reputation, then I think most guys will respect "I don't have sex a few hours/a week after meeting someone."

      But if you've hooked up before, or had FWB's, then no guy will respect that position.

  • Generally, yes. All a gal needs is looks. Women hold all the dating power.