Guys: When you drunk text?

I'm just curious...Why do you drunk text if the conversation only lasts a few messages/minutes then you stop texting the girl even though she was clearly on your mind?

What kind of responses/conversation do guys expect? Would you stop texting if it got too "deep" in the sense?

Just curious :)


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  • Well if I drunk text someone then suddenly stop. There's a very good chance I fell asleep.

    Hopefully the conversation, would just flow naturally. If I text "Hey how are you?" (example) Whatever you reply, take it from there.

    When you say to "deep" do you mean flirting that gets more personal? If that is what you mean. Being drunk lowers your inhibitions. You're more likely to say what you feel not what you think. I know if it was me my flirting would get more sexual with every comment. And see what kind of a response I get back, to see if your attracted to me.


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