Does anyone else feel that online dating is getting really rude in nature?

I've had a couple experiences in the last week or so that have really lead me to question if it is .

there one this one girl I had messaged a couple times and she seemed interested , eventually asked if she'd want to text or try Skype , never heard back and she like deleted her account later that week .

then there was another girl I had talked to before but lost touch with so I tried to message her again and she read the message and viewed profile but never replied and instead blocked me from contacting her again , but there was like nothing wrong with the messages I sent to these girls yet I got treated so badly by them , maybe its just the nature of online dating and they feel they don't know me from real life so can get away with stuff like this


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  • To me, I think online dating is for people who is trying to find the easy way out of things. Todays society everything is electronics robotic items and et. Your basicslly putting your self at risk talkingto yourself, find someone who has opposite attractions as you, and get out there in the outside world.

    • easy ? actually I've meet more girls in real life than online this year , a lot more in real life , haven't had much luck online at all

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  • 1. probably started dating or gave up,2. probably tired of answering messages (or there was something wrong enough with your message or profile for her to block you). people probably get tired of dealing with shit and give up on being nice,don't take it to heart

    • 1. she hadn't even been on the site that long , I don't see how serious it could of got with another guy after just a couple dates ? but who knows

      2. there was something she didn't like about my profile but I don't know what it was as she viewed it but never replied the last 2 times I tried to message her , I looked through it and tried to fix it up and though it was better but something there that turned her off

  • hmmm.. Look my inbox on my dating profile has about 3,000 e-mails from guys who deep down know I would probably never go for them and honestly I wouldn't. As a woman who can get the attention of almost all men I wouldn't pay to go on online dating if I wasn't looking for something specific (not to mention that I actually may have found it but I'm not confident enough in the relationship yet to take my profile down). I'm not desperate. A lot of guys treat online dating like it's online shopping, the thing is I'm not a product and I don't owe you anything nor do I have the time to reply to 3,000 e-mails. Your not the only one contacting these women and maybe your setting your sights a little higher than you should?

    P.S. I did meet someone that way months ago and just haven't deleted my profile yet because I paid for like a 6 month package but we've been together for 7 months now and obviously I am not checking my e-mails lol


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  • Most girls only make profiles for attention and they do not want to actually meet anyone. They get addicted to the comments guys make. While some guys hit them up for sex, it's compensated for the emails they get from random guys claiming they are so pretty and cute and so on.

    I've met girls off these sites and they always say they made a profile because they were bored. Many who do wish to meet a guy have very specific intentions and don't want anything outside of their vision of dating. Here are some example of what I mean.

    They are looking for a guy they can move in with so they no longer live with their parents.

    They're actually looking for a hookup, but they're afraid of saying so because it makes them look slutty.

    They are looking for a "career oriented" guy because they want a guy with high income.

    Their biological clock went off so they want a guy to have a kid with.

    The problem is they are using the term "relationship" to hide their actual intentions. So anyone that doesn't fit their narrow vision is immediately "dismissed" as dating material. Look at the questions online dating asks. Do you have a house? Do you have a car? Do you have a college degree? Do you want children? You don't decide these things before meeting. These come in time.

    • the move in one sounds odd to be looking for online , but actually I saw that happen once before , my sister meet a guy online when she was still living at home and moved in with him very soon after they had meet , they never even really went through a long period of dating just all of a sudden living together , it sounds crazy but some girls are looking for that online

    • Yea I think someone I know did the same thing. I actually had a girl from match talking to me about wanting to move in with someone and we never even met yet. Totally never met her.

  • 1st one : probably was starting to date someone, delete her profile when it became serious.

    2nd one : lost touch, she felt she was a plan B, so not interested.

    It's not that you were treated badly, it's you were just one among (insert number) guys they were in touch with

    • I did mention to # 2 about a break up I had been through so maybe she though she was a "rebound " and that I wasn't really into her .

      no idea if # one was seeing anyone , possible , I did consider that as a possibility to explain her behaviour