Should I reply today if I fell asleep?

Him: "Oohhh sorry adult friends lol & yes it is but thid town isn't much of an experience haha"

Him: "Hey lets just settle that everytime I tutor you make cupcakes :)"

Me: "Haha yeah I can see why you would feel that way and yeah I know they're all ahead of the game lol and OK but I chose what kind ??"

Him: "Most of my friends are like that too, like they all have kids and I'm just chillin' haha & no I choose cause I'm tutoring -_-"

Haha what could reply today since I fell asleep? Or should I wait a day or two? Oh and he's not really tutoring me it's like a flirting thing he wants to tutor me and be my train or but not like a real thing. Haha I don't know

Everything went well just went on with the same convo thanks guys!


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  • Just text him back saying oops so sorry I fell to sleep on you. Me and my male friend do it all the time :-)

  • If you don't want to continue where you left off last night you can say...

    "Hey, what's up?"


    "Hey, what's up I fell asleep last night, but I'm wide awake now."

    or you can respond the way you stated.

    It all depends if you want to carry on the conversation.

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