What do you think of these texts? Was I rude?

Ok, I texted my guy friend, cause he called me up drunk last night and was disrespecting me. He has been pissing me off though lately cause he's talking/dating this girl again and she was so mean to him! She insulted him and everything, but yet he disrespects me? When I never insulted him and I always helped him out. Always gave him time and everything, and I am very supportive of him, so I texted him the next day to let him know how I felt. Here are the texts below, thanks!

Me: Hey. I understand that you were drunk last night, but I felt blatantly disrespected by you. I never disrespected you, if anything I always stood up for you, and like I said before, I have loyalty to my friends. I am there for you when in need, and I feel hurt that I was disrespected for no reason, even if it was just drunk talk, it still affects me cause either way I thought I was a good friend. I feel that I don't deserve disrespect, considering that I was always supportive, considerate and respectful towards you.

Him: What did I say? I asked you to come out lol

Me: Well you called me stupid and other names, and you said fuck you to me viciously, and I felt that was just rude.

Him: Lol. Oh. Okay. Sorry.

Me: I'm not looking for a apology or a fake one for that matter, I'm just letting you know how I feel. But ok.

Him: Lol don't take it personally Sara. Love ya. Sorry, it won't be the last time I call you a fucker, douche, or stupid etc. That's just me! You're not any of those I just like those words I guess lol

Me: I took it personally cause it didn't seem like you were joking, but maybe there are other girls that find that cute and funny but I'm not like other girls, lol

He didn't respond after that, so was I being rude? Do you think I stumped him? Or was he being rude about this? I'm sorry but the deep down issue is that he was out at a bar with a girl that insulted him and made a fool out of him, but yet he calls me up drunk and asks me to come to the bar and I decline and he starts disrespecting me. It pisses me off cause he is disrespecting the wrong girl! I am always there for him and never insulted him but yet he treats the other girl like she was gold? So what do you think? Do you think I stumped him? Do you think I was being rude? or was he? Thanks!


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  • I think you were well within your rights to let him know how you feel. He is probably sulking somewhere with his tail between his legs. He obviously needs his head read but from experience good girls/guys always get treated badly because of women/men like the person he is currently dating :-)

    • lol! I hope he is! Yeah you're right though. It's just that I feel like it's so screwed up that I got disrespected and the girl he was with and I guess is currently with now insulted him and made a fool out of him and I felt so bad for him! I also helped him out so many times. I did favors for him and I was there for him when nobody else was but yet I get called stupid? And he said "Fuck you" to me and it wasn't joking. But thanks for answer girl! :)

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  • 1. Texts are the most impersonal way of saying things. Since neither sees each others' expressions or body language we tend to most times interpret texts as we perceive the statements / words

    2. He may be surrounded by women with who he uses such terms and while they are OK with it, you have been an exception that he didn't expect (wonder how after knowing you long enough I presume OR was this your reaction of your dislike of his girl disrespecting him while you have been going all the way out helping him and stuff

    3. While not denying he may have done / said things that he wouldn't when sober can most certainly be construed as disrespect, what he said on text may be true too :)

    4. He didn't text you back after the last one probably for 2 reasons

    (a) He didn't see any point in going on when he sees you are so convinced about what you say {he may probably wait till you cool down before trying to talk to you again or wait for you to come up talking to him where ofcourse the risk of him blowing back at you exists too}

    (b) He felt guilty {is that what you prefer?}

    5. Rude or not you made your point and that matters :)

  • Nope, he deserved it. Lesson #1 Don't drunk text. Lesson #2 When in doubt, revert to lesson #1. I think you sound like a pretty awesome friend, since you were telling him that he should demand respect and not be walked all over by some chick who could care less about him

  • god what a bitch.

    just kidding. I don't think you sounded rude. you sounded pretty nice considering what he said to you.

    • Haha! Thanks! Yeah I just feel like it's unfair he's out with a girl that viciously attacked him about his looks and everything! And I helped him out so many times, and helped him when he was in need, but yet I get disrespected? I never insulted once! I never made him feel bad about himself! I was and always a true friend to him, but it just pisses me off cause he gives her more credit than me! But thanks for answering! :)

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  • No you weren't rude. He probably didn't respond because maybe he didn't want to talk about it anymore.

    • Thanks! Yeah he didn't really seem to care just from the texts I can see he really didn't seem to care that he disrespected me. But thanks for commenting girl! :)

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