I already made plans. Do you think he minds?

After I had quit my job, this guy who works there started texting me here and there. He wanted to hang out with me last night but he asked me last min and I had already made plans with my mother. He did, however, ask me on Wednesday if I was going to do anything Friday night. I told him not but things happen and my mom had asked me to go watch a movie with her Friday afternoon.

I told him I was sorry and even though I would really like to hang out with him, I can't because I had made plans with my mother and I didn't want to leave her hanging. He said it was OK and that we could hang out some other time. I told him I appreciated the fact that he understood. I also did mention to him that if he could let me know a few hours in advance so that I won't make plans with anyone else.

Anyways, my question is... do you think he minds? He doesn't work Friday nights so I don't know if I should ask if he would like to come out and meet up for drinks? Since he already made an attempt to hang out but I couldn't, should I make the attempt next time? I don't want him to think I'm not interesting.

Thank you =]


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  • im having a little trouble following the timeline of events, but yes you should definitely put in some effort and try and get him out now, i think it will really work in your favor :)


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