What does this long hug mean?

Hi, I would like to ask (especially the men, please, for an insight opinion :)) about this hug between a guy and me. I'll give you all the details for a better understanding of the situation.

At first, I was seated and he had just stood up as he was about to leave in a few moments. He walked up to me, very closely (his body almost touched my head) and I had the distinct feeling he felt the need for a physical contact before his leaving, it was as if he invited me to hug him through his body language. I stood up and wrapped my hands around his neck and at the same time I pressed my lips against his neck. He instantly put his arms around my waist. I felt he had been anxious to do that. Then I started to stroke his hair with one hand and pulled him closer to me to which he responded instantly by pulling me even closer to him. He squeezed me pretty hard, so hard that for a minute I felt I could hardly breathe but then I got used to the squeeze and began to breathe normally again :) . All this time, he kept moving his hands up and down my back, especially around my waist and for a moment even a bit lower... Then, while still squeezing me very hard, he lifted me a litlle higher (my feet still on the ground, though) so that my pelvis could touch his - he is a little taller than me, I am 5'58" and he is 5'81". We stayed like this for a little longer and then he literally picked me up off the ground and held me like this, in the air, squeezing me in his arms (he is very strong). Then we finally let go of each other. The whole hug lasted pretty long.

Sorry about the long boring description, I just wanted you to have a complete image of the whole thing.

So what do you think all this means for him? Thanks in advance!


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  • Dude you both like each other a lot or at least are attracted physically to each other... Go be happy together.