Trying to figure out if he wants it to be a relationship?

So, I met this guy at my cousin's party about 2 months ago. I got his number, and since then he's come over to my place and spent the night about 5 times, and we talk by messaging basically every day. We went to the same party last night and I overheard him talking to my cousin. I didn't hear much but I heard my cousin say "That's my first cousin!" and then he was asking if it was okay to see me. I talked to a couple of his friends, and they said they knew about me and it was good to meet me. I was wondering if if sounds he wants a relationship or if it's possible he just wants to keep doing whatever we're doing now, not friends but not officially dating.


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  • He seems interested in you as more than a friend but you can't tell the level of someone's interest until they tell you. It's too soon to be thinking about a committed relationship. The important thing now is to keep this moving in the right direction.


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