A popular guy is confusing me?

Alright so basically, I like a popular guy, but I'm a geek. It's not like the two of us never talk, but its only a few words in class once in awhile. It's more like we know each other by name, but we're not friends. In a sense. Yeah, well my friend thinks he likes me. And she says she always sees him staring at me, when I'm obliviously not paying attention. And I have caught him staring a few times, usually in the hallway. Or like one time I wore makeup. Idk. But I always just thought he was judging me. So what should I believe? And what should I do about liking him? Cause he's popular, so it would probably look bad if he dated me, you know?


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  • Actually I don't know. Usually when someone goes against what is socially expected of them people just raise an eyebrow, in the extremes pass a comment and proceed with their lives as usual. Congratulations, you've made it the new normal.

    Basically, you shouldn't worry about anything beyond do I like him and does he like me. Life is too short not to live so just ask him out. I mean, what's the worst thing that could happen? That people suddenly know you have a crush on him? Big deal, people don't care nearly as much as they make out to do. Most people just vocalize a token care phrase to make sure people know they work within the same frame of social conventions as everybody else. Also, you're young, if he says no it's just a no. Better to learn to deal with rejection than to become a socially inhibited adult who will never dare to ask in fear of rejection.

    • wow that's so true. I mean I still fear rejection, but that's a great way to think about it. And what exactly do you mean the new normal? lol

    • You mentioned that people would have a problem with the "geek" dating the "popular" guy. Once you do it's probably not a problem anymore. People are usually only wary of the things that break out of normality until they encounter them.

    • ohh that's actually a really smart way to put it. thanks

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