So I asked this guy to get coffee. But did he take it as a date?

I asked this guy to get coffee and chat but I'm not sure if he will think it's a date? We are both college students (he's a graduate student and I'm a junior in my undergrad). So I texted him and said:

"Hey! I hope you had a good break. I was wondering if you would want to catch up over a cup of coffee? I have some stuff I want to talk to you about. Let me know!"

And he said back:

"Hi Emma,

I had a pretty good break, thanks! Yes, I would be happy to get together and talk. I'm also deeply obsessed with coffee - so getting coffee would be a great thing as well. How about sometime next week?"

I don't know if he took it as a date date or as just getting coffee? I'm so nervous. I mean, he's an older guy, so I don't really know what he's thinking. Help!


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  • He might be thinking to himself "Is this a date? Or does she just want to catch up for coffee and a chat?" I think it depends on how you are when you catch up. If you are not wanting it to be a date and just keep it as a friendly thing, then don't flirt or give him any "cues" just be comfortable with him and friendly, he will pick up on the vibe that you are giving him.

    • OKAY! :) that actually makes a ton of sense! Thanks!

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  • If I asked a girl to coffee, I'd think of it as a date, but if a girl asked me to coffee, I'd think she just wanted to talk. I don't think of girls asking guys out. I would enjoy it if it happened but it doesn't ever happen to me.

    • Hmmmmmmm. Okay. :/.

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    • Yeah! Okay. Ugh, I mean, don't I get points for trying? Lol.

    • Yes, you did way more for yourself by trying then if you had never asked!

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