How to bring up the subject of an ex?

I'm recently been talking/dating this guy and he added me on Facebook. I saw he recently was in a relationship. Only a month ago they both went to New York together. I'm confused as to why he would be trying to find someone new when he just got out of a relationship. Is there anyway to be sly and ask how his last relationship ended?


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  • Sometimes a guy tries to find a new girlfriend right after getting out of a relationship because he wants to get his mind off her. In other words, it can be considered a "rebound." There are also guys who have been in so many relationships where they don't know how to be alone so they try to find a new girlfriend. If you know the guy well enough, maybe you could ask him straight up what happened in his last relationship.

  • if you want a straight foward answer, ask a straight foward question

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