Waiting for him to text?

Hi guys! I supposedly have a date tomorrow night with this guy I'm crazy about, but he told me he was going to confirm since he was traveling in the morning/afternoon.

So yeah, I'm pretty anxious right now, plus we had a "fight" yesterday because I told him I am always the one initiating.

What to do if he doesn't text me tomorrow to confirm? Should I text him to ask him if he's coming or not? What to do if he flakes?

what to do without be seeing as needy/clingy? This is NOT a first or second date, we've known each other since long ago, but somehow things are like this, still: me wondering and him flaking. HELP!


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  • you've been wasting 7 months of your life chasing someone who's there on a 'whim'.. and that regularly gets this luxury to cancel dates last minute w no advice? bummer.. stop txting him, stop being on his case.. I'd say, stop seeing him at all. there are many other guys around..


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  • How long have you known eachother? How long have you been "dating"? Does he travel often?

    • 7 months. no, he doesn't travel often, he is visiting his parents for the weekend. He is not married if that is your guess. And he has no reason to lie to me.

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    • No, yes I'd love you to elaborate!

      He has some commitment issues, I guess he'll flake tomorrow but since I floaded him with texts yesterday (we were fighting about this exact topic: him not texting me enough) I don't really want to text him first again. I'd tend to think if he flakes tomorrow night, it's his loss, I'm tired of being the one who initiates always and the one proposing dates to meet. Am I right?

    • If he's flaking, that's not right. The fact that you're just expecting it because you vocalized how you felt about the way he's treating you is double the weight. I say take a deep breath and forget him. All your doing is wasting your time on something that's preventing you from finding something better. I know, way easier said than done. But try to empower yourself to make that choice to walk away and you'll be eons ahead. If he really cares he'll up his game. If not...you're already moving on