How can you tell when a guy is texting you just to text you back?

How can you tell when a guy is not interested in you over text? vs. A guy texting a girl he likes?

That he is just responding because you responded back?

Will they be short texts? one word- ers?



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  • I get fucking pissed sometimes when chicks never stop texting. It's just boring most of the fucking time. Like is there any actual difference between one word texts and ten word texts? The fucking conversations are so devoid of substance that it just makes things boring. I want my peace and quiet to maybe watch a movie without getting a text every ten minutes so yeah I might send single words back. However, that doesn't mean I don't want to talk to her I just don't fucking want to sit there all night sending emoticons back and forth.


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  • If he doesn't try to continue the conversation

  • I never have this problem, seriously.

    But eh, most people I talk to my friends can talk all day any day every day without getting bored.

    but mainly, if the convo is laging, it'll be like a one word "Lol" or " So True".

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