Is it wrong to date your ex's brother?

Me and my ex dated for 4 years until he dumped me because I joined the military. I came home on leave and ran into is brother we started talking. We been talking for about 5months now then he asked me out I really like him but I don't know with him being my ex's brother.


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  • I don't see any harm in going out on a few dates as long as you're over your ex and not going out with his brother (and convincing yourself you really like him) just to make your ex mad/jealous/want you back.


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  • Technically there's nothing wrong with it, but you know in the back of a lot of peoples minds they're going to think you're pretty skanky. Usually it's a little better to wait a certain amount of time after your break-up (at least a year) before you start working your way down his family and friends.

  • Honestly as long as neither of you have a problem then it should go fine. But, as long as you like the guy for him and your not using him because he is the next best thing. If you both really like each other don't let anything get in the way, because the past is the past!!

    you two might have something really special - don't waste it. :)

    good luck