Is it a date if the guy walks a girl to her door?

I asked my guy friend to go to a basketball game. afterward, he walked me to my door when he drove me home. Was he hoping for a kiss or was he just being a gentleman? He was a lot more "behaved" compared to when his friends and my friends hang out in a group together.


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  • It depends sweetie

    If you two like each other or are flirty with each other or you catch him like staring at you or he paid for something e.g. your drink or a hotdog etc then it may have been a date and he may not have kissed you because he was waiting for you to give him a 'signal'. but if you two were really friendly or he talks to you like one of his guy friends or you talk to him like one of your girlfriends and there's never been any flirtyness between you then him walking to you to your door is just him being polite and being a gentleman

    Hope this helps

    Good luck!


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  • I don't think you can really tell. Just ask him how he feels.


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  • Did you tell him it was a date? If not, he might be wondering the same thing. Or he could be making sure you got in your house safely.