Has a guy ever left you to be with his ex girlfriend?

has a guy ever left you to be with his ex girlfriend even when he was lying to you about who she really was to him? I lived with him for a year and a half. he bad mouthed about his ex always to me. he even gave me a ring even though its fake for engagement. apparently the girl knew the ring was not for engagement like he told me. he answered the phone always in front of me when she calls him and late in the conversations he had with her he mentioned the ring. I asked for a kiss he ducked the conversation and asked me how I like my ring. the girl already knew about the ring and what it was for. he faked this whole thing


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  • Oh my :/ I'm sorry that happened to you. I've never had a guy who left me for his ex but there was a guy who said he was interested in me and wanted to date me and all that but he still had feelings for his ex though.

    • smh I learned how you can't compete with an ex

  • No but I'm sure that seems really strange to you lol? Like what kind of person would go through all the trouble of faking a relationship with you? And the "EX" knows and is OK with it? What the.. They seem obsessed with you or something, idk.. Just forget about the losers and move on. Wow, who does that lol?

    • this has been going on through our whole relationship. ex drama. he refuse to get rid of his ex. apparently he lied about everything about his ex girlfriend. she knew more stuff than I did. the ring was fake and engagement was also. she knew that while he had me thinking he wanted to marry me. she knew more stuff than I did. she knew I was there. he also gave her some of my money

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    • Oh yeah, sorry, you did say that..

      Consider him having done one good thing for you then, by leaving.. he saved you the trouble of breaking up with him.

      It's for the best, it really is.. I'm sorry you were treated this way, no one deserves that. Hope you find better in the future, girly!

    • thanks