Help, I want to date this cute girl?

Met her on Friday night, I had great chemistry with her and found her out of this world cute.

I kind of went full on woo her by putting my arm around her waist and kissing her forehead a couple of times.

She seemed of with it because she didn't push me back or rejected me in any way.

I told her that I would really like to date her and asked if she would put her number in my phone. She did.

So I texted her this afternoon and she responded about an hour later.

What do I tell her to get on a date with her? Does she sound interested?


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  • First of all, way to be forward with this girl! There needs to be more guys like you! Take note of this boys! Follow this guys lead! I, as a very shy female who has never been in a relationship, find this kind of behavior extremely attractive.

    On to your question. If you told her you wanted to date her and she gave you her number, then she is definitely interested. Just ask her if she wants to meet up for coffee or go see a movie or just hang out. If you want her to know for sure that it's a date, then throw in the word "date".

    Good Luck!

    • Haha thanks :) It's taken a lot of guts for me to be this forward for once.

      I don't like movies, especially on first dates, because you won't be getting to know each other enough.

      She just texted me as I wrote this response, she seems like a really nice girl. She told me that he

      her work Rota goes from Friday to Friday and she doesn't know her time table till Wednesday.

      I'm so glad I've been this forward haha ;)

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    • Ok :)

    • If you want to help me out with my questions, that would be awesome! link link

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