What the heck happened?

I met this guy online at the beginning of January. I'm 24, he;s 28. We chatted a bit, then texted, then finally met. He seemed really awesome, really nice, we had a lot of fun. He kept asking me to hang out, go out to eat and things, and we always had fun. He would even text me when he got home, things like "hey I had a lot fun tonight :)" complete with smiley faces, or call me cutie when he texted good night.

Everything seemed to be going great, we're both looking for a relationship. I started having him over my apartment to save money. And sharing a blanket turned into me putting my head on his shoulder or his on mine, and finally the other night he put his arm around me. I was happy. I was really starting to like him a lot. This was last Thursday. Then Friday we texted like usual, I asked him if he wanted to grab dinner, he said he wasn't hungry yet, so I ate alone because I was starving. I texted him later and he never responded. Then I texted him hey yesterday. And he never responded. Same thing today, I said I hoped he was having a good day, and nothing.

I thought maybe he was sick or just super busy, or even out of town. But he's not too busy/sick/whatever to update his OkCupid, so I figure he's just ignoring me for some reason. Problem is, I have no idea why. Everything seemed to be going so well. Even if we didn't end up dating I thought we'd at least be friends or something.

I don't know what I did wrong or what to do. Once again, I thought he was different, kind, mature, knows what he wants and not just looking to fool around. And now I'm kind of upset, because go figure, I start to really like someone, and then he just disappears, and with no explanation, that's the worst part.

Has this happened to anyone? What became of the relationship? What do I do if he decides to start talking to me again? Part of me wants to just give up on him completely, but part of me wants to at least find out what's going on. I'm so confused.

NEVERMIND he just doesn't like me LOLZ fuck my life :'( :'( :'(


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  • I was just about to submit a completely different comment before I realized that you posted an update. I have had this happen to me, and I never found out what went wrong. I was going to say what the other girl said, that maybe it was too much too soon for him ( which is what everyone told me!) I'm sorry it didn't work out. I don't see how you could have done anything wrong.

    It's very piggish for him to act like he likes you and then to not answer you. I don't understand why some people think that's OK. It's very immature, and it makes THEM look bad! Nobody deserves to be ignored by someone who knows you like them. Just remember, what goes around, comes back around!

  • not sure either? Maybe too much too fast? Maybe he got in over his head and literally scared himself. It happens. I don't see you did anything wrong at all.

    Id give him a few more days to respond, I have a feeling he will be back, but keep in mind, that you did meet him on a dating site and I am sure he is still probably actively looking on there- so take it slow with him and don't rush into anything

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