Always to busy to reply, but has time for FB and IG?

OK, this person I've been seeing for about 2 months, always say they been busy. Let's say I text them, they won't text me back for like 3, or more hours. Then, when I'm checking my FB or Instagram they have multiple post, and stuff. I really get confused, because that person always say they're busy when I send them a second text saying, "". That person does this a lot, the funny thing is that before we met, that person would text me all the time nonstop, and always had time even when in school or at work. This person would contact me with a hey or something, and I would reply and they would take like a 1hr as appose to when we first met. I don't really care about all that, I just don't want to waste my time on this person.

This person seem to only contact me when they want to go on a date to a certain place to eat, and have fun. But, whenever I try to set up a date for a cartain day, she always claim she has to see because she's busy, but again when I go on Instagram... new pictures of her doing some sort of activity with a friend. By the way most of her friends are male, and they do anything for her, like lend her money and pay for some of her stuff when she doesn't have enough money. I honestly never trusted women who say they have lots of mail friends.


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  • The male friends isn't the problem. She's just not that into you. She doesn't know how to break up with you, so she's hoping you get the hint. She friend zoned you


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  • Sounds like she feels you've gotten clingy and the early excitement of the new relationship had died down some.

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