Women is there interest if your not texting 50 percent of the time?

Women if your not texting 50 percent of the time and the guy is texting first did you lose interest. I noticed some girls give me there number and I make my intentions clear for an date. But yea am texting first and if am not hitting them up a week may pass. I feel these girls want attention


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  • No, I just think we like men to lead and define the relationship.

    • No what?

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    • Not really a relationship takes two people

    • as you like...

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  • Eh, depends.

    I love texting but I love talking via phone/skype or being face - to - face.

    Seriously, I won't text you first. If I realllllyyyy like you I might text first, It's sad but I just like to know I was on the guy's mind.

    But, no if a week has passed that's just crazy. Move on.

    • Yeah your right, a week is to long. But my thing is why they claim they wanna hang out. I feel as if they like to tease and am not that kind of guy

  • For me I know I like to be texted first because I know I was on this guys mind. But Just texting gets boring you need to see each other face to face. They might just be waiting for you to txt first. Do they lose interest fast when you txt them how quick do you stop talking when texting do you keep the convo going ? Do you leave them hanging ? you must be doing something they are not just going to try and reach out to you.

    • Must of them back out of hanging out

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