Is she is trying to match me with her girlfriend?


I've met Diana. I was chasing her for 3 months. She played hard to get. I stopped

Later I've invited Diana on my birthday party. Great time! She came there with Alexa.

Alexa is a beautiful girl from Venezuela. I fell for her. We went of 3 hang outs.

1st date with Alexa: Scary Movie.

She asked me to invite a guy friend. She invited Diana. When I got there Diana said "I've missed you so much, why you never say hi anymore?"

Between 1st and 2nd date:

Everywhere they go they send me pictures on SnapChat of both of them.

2nd date: Dessert

In our conversations Alexa was bringing up Diana a lot! Just like a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend.

3rd date: Go Karting

That day Alexa went shopping with Diana.

Do you like singing?" I hate singing but Diana loves it. You should go with her to Karaoke.

Do you like ...? I hate ... but Diana loves. You should go with her.

I 100% know that they tell each other pretty much everything


Progress wise between me and Alexa

A lot of touching, a bunch of KISS attempts. Today she seemed more leniant lol. I ended up giving her a perk on the lips.


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  • It does sound like she's pushing you towards Diana. I think you need to ask Diana out.

    • Buddy every time I see both of them I feel awkward as f**k. If I'll do that I can just as easily delete both of their numbers.

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    • I know but I'm currently going out with one of them. Imagine a girl that is going out with you then your buddy then you again. What would you think about her?

    • She wouldn't be talking up her friend if she was interested, would she? Are you sure they are dates?