How do guys text a girl they're into?

How would you text a girl you like vs a girl you just see as a friend or 'someone to talk to'?


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  • I would ask her things.

    tell her she's beautiful.

    compliment her a lot.

    try and have a smooth conversation so there's no awkward pauses so you'll text back and forth and back and forth.

    also I'd try not to run out of things to say. either.

    and from my experience the only way to eliminate those awkward pauses is to hang out with her in person! IMPORTANT

    because as a guy,when you do you'll probly see something funny and it becomes and inside joke and you can remind her.

    Maybe even do something fun and tell her remember when...

    and if she's ever like my girlfriend she keeps telling me she's not beautiful you gotta compliment her a lot more lol.

    And I also don't use TOO many emoticons because to me that's kind of girly.

    You can use them just not one in every sentance.

    so compliments is the key but not too many compliments or it'll be weird.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Not much different, maybe ask some questions pertaining to sex but then again I haven't any 'game'...


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