Dating for 6 months and things still seem a awkward

Ive been seeing a guy for 6 months. The relationship literally is perfeft. We have a lot in common and are very compatable.He have never argued and he always says the right things.

We always seem to be on out best behavior with each other.

The problem is, when we do go out (2 times/week) it always seems like the first date, he's gotten where he will grab my hand when we go in somewhere, but like sitting at a bar he doesn't look very relaxed around me, and doesn't try and put his arm around me.

im so confused why are things still awkward between us?


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  • Maybe he's still sort of nervous because you're not showing that you like him as well enough? If your boyfriend started acting not so flirty or affectionate, I'm sure you would get a little nervous as well. Either that, or perhaps that's just in his nature. I don't really see anything to complain about that he's being too into you or cute like that!

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