The guy I'm dating is a bad texter...

I know lots of guys are bad at texting, so I know I'm not alone. But sometimes he takes days to respond to a text, he always says he feels bad for not replying that day and says he accidentally saves texts as drafts.

he hasn't texted back in a day. should I be worried? or is this normal for a guy who is terrible at texting haha


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  • Sounds like me, I'm not on great terms with my phone. I much prefer calling.

  • You shy away from texting in my opinion. Go back to phone calls. Honestly, there are times where I go many hours without my phone even being on me. I could leave my phone on the counter for half/most of the day. And when I pick it up I sometimes forget to check it. Plus I leave it on vibrate and so often times I don't even notice when I get a text. Call him, leave a message, and when he gets it he will call you back. Then have a real conversation. You'll get a much better sense for whether he wants to keep talking or how interested he is and such.


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